Professional Activities:
• 2009-2011: Council Member, International Fuzzy Systems Association (IFSA)
• 2009: Founding director, Center for Applied Research on Intelligent Systems and Soft Computing, FUM.
• 2008-Present: Member of Regents, Eqbal-Lahoori Institute of Higher Education.
• 2007-present: Founding President, Intelligent Systems Scientific Society of Iran.
• 2006-present: Founding Member, Bahar Institute of Higher Education
• 2003-Present: Founding Chairman of CIS Permanent Committee, Conference on Intelligent Systems.
• 2005-present: Member of Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Engineering, Islamic Azad University-Mashhad Branch.
• 2002-2005: Member of governing council, Iranian Association of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Khorasan Division.
• 1986 - 1988: President of the Mathematical Honor Society (KME). As president of the society, initiated the “Lobo Puzzle Contest” which was published weekly in the Daily Lobo. This effort was directed to foster appreciation of mathematics among general student body and community.
• 1987 - 1988: Honors Council, Golden Key National Honor Society. Was part of a team which organized the “hanging of the greens” at the university president house.
• 1987 - 1988: Treasurer of Junior Service Honor Society (Las Campanas). That year, the society had a huge budget surplus even after large donations to other non-profit organizations! Organizing “a car wash day” and “student ushering” at Popejoy Hall were two of the innovative methods to create revenue for the society. Helped organize an effort to support the 1987 Winter Special Olympics.

Conference Technical Committees:
• 2011: Technical Chairman, 2011 Conference on Chaos, Fractals and Complex Systems (CFCS2011)
• 2011: Technical Track Chair (Intelligent Systems), 2011 International eConference on Computer and Knowledge Engineering (ICCKE2011)
• 2011: Chairman, National Workshop on Soft Computing (WSC2011), Mashhad, Iran.
• 2009: Member of Technical Committee, Third Joint Congress on Fuzzy and Intelligent Systems, Yazd, Iran.
• 2008: Member of Technical Committee, 2008 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence, Hong Kong.
• 2007: Technical Chair of the First Joint Congress on Fuzzy and Intelligent System, 2007.
• 2006: Member of Technical Committee, IEEE Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Hawaii.
• 2005: Chairman, 2005 Mini-Symposium on Intelligent and Biomedical Systems. Tehran , Iran.
• 2004: Co-chair, Mini-symposium on Satisficing Multi-agent and Cyber-learning Systems, as part of World Automation Congress, Spain.
• 2004: Publications Chair, Twelfth Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineer, Mashhad, Iran.
• 2003: Chairman, 2003 Conference on Intelligent Systems, Mashhad, Iran.
• 2003: Member of Technical Committee, IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Hawaii.
• 2003, 2008: Member of Technical Committee, Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering.
• 2000: Member of Technical Committee, World Automation Congress, Maui, Hawaii.
• 1999: Member of Technical Committee, Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, Orlando, Florida.
• 1999: Organizing Chair, 1999 ACE-PURSUE Student Conference, (APSC’99) Albuquerque, New Mexico.
• 1998: Organized and Chaired a session on Industrial Water Desalination Technology in World Automation Congress (WAC’98), Anchorage, Alaska.
• 1997: Organized and Co-chaired two sessions on Evolutionary Computing and Fuzzy Logic in IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA'97).
• 1997: Organized and Chaired a session on Neural Networks and Control Systems in 1997 NASA University Research Centers-Technical Conference (URC-TC'97).
• 1996: Chaired two sessions on Flexible Manipulators and Intelligent Manufacturing Systems in 1996 World Automation Congress (WAC'96).

Journal Reviewer Board:

• Journal of Engineering, Tabriz University
• Journal of Engineering, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

Research Proposals:

Have written or assisted in writing several winning proposals including,
• 2006 Human-Machine Interaction in a Swarm Architecture for Urban Traffic, was awarded $50k by Honda (Honda Initative Award), in collaboration with Purdue University, USA.
• 1999 A Virtual Modeling and Simulation Laboratory for Autonomous Rovers, Was awarded over $1M by NASA for three years.
• 1996 Experimental Testbeds for Intelligent Robot Controllers Based on Soft Computing Approaches with Applications to Waste Management. Was awarded 167,326.00 dollars by Waste Education and Research Consortium in 1996 for a two year period.
• 1996 Experimental Testbed for a Single Stage Desalination Process. Was awarded $4000.00 by University of New Mexico Research Allocation Committee.
• 1995 Experimental Testbeds for Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms. Was awarded 2,700.00 dollars by State of New Mexico's Commission on Higher Education.  

• Intelligent Systems Scientific Society of Iran, Founding President (2007-present)
• Iranian Fuzzy Systems Association, Member of Executive Council (2009-present)
• New York Academy of Science, Member (2005-2006)
• Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Senior Member
• Iranian Association of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, (IAEEE), Member of Executive Council-Khorasan Branch
• Electrical Engineering Honor Society (Eta Kappa Nu), Life Member
• Golden Key National Honor Society, Life Member
• Junior Service Honor Society (Las Campanas), Life Member
• Mathematics Honor Society (Kappa Mu Epsilon), Life Member

1. 2011: Inspired from Physics: Introducing a New Paradigm for Distributed Optimization, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad.
2. 2007: Fuzzy Control for Precise Control, Graduate Workshop on Fuzzy Sysems, Co-sponsored by Center of Excellence on Fuzzy Systems, Kerman, and Sistan & Baluchestan Univ., Zahedan, Iran.
3. 2003: Multiagent Systems and Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Sponsored by the 2003 Conference on Intelligent Systems, Mashhad, Iran.
4. 2002: Fuzzy Logic based Control System, Sponsored by National Workshop on Fuzzy Mathematics, Mashhad, Iran.
5. 2002: IEEE and Job Creation, Sponsored by the First Meeting of Job Creation, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad.
6. 2002: Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems in 21st Century, Sponsored by Iranian Association of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Mashhad, Iran.

Doctoral Committee Member:

1. Amir Abolfazl Suratgar, “Modeling and Stability Analysis of a Class of Linear and Nonlinear Linguistic Fuzzy Systems,” Advisor: Dr. Seyed Kamaloldin Nikravesh.

Invited Lectures:
1. 2009: Inspired from Physics, Introducing a New Paradigm for Distributed Optimization, Keynote Lecture at the Third Joint Congress on Fuzzy and Intelligent systems, Yazd, Iran.
2. 2008: Fuzzy Granulation for Evolutionary Design, Keynote Lecture at the Second Joint Congress on Fuzzy and Intelligent Systems, Tehran, Iran.
3. 2007: Robotics and Artificial Intelligence: Two Pieces of Same Puzzle, Research & Innovation Week, Azad University of Quchan.
4. 2007: Fuzzy Granulation for Better Evolution, College of Engineering, Ferdowsi Univ. of Mashhad.
5. 2006: A Window to Artificial Societal Evolution, BISC Seminar, UC Berkeley, USA.
6. 2005: Intelligent Agents: Possibilities and Applications, University of Wollongong in Dubai, Dubai, UAE.
7. 2004: An Uncertainty Based Taxonomy of Multi-agent Systems, keynote lecture, Conference on Intelligent Systems, Kerman, Iran.
8. 2004: Evolving Complexities, keynote lecture, Conference on Fuzzy Systems, Tehran, Iran.
9. 2004: Artificial Intelligence and Linguistics, keynote lecture, Conference on Semantics and Pragmatics, Mashhad, Iran.
10. 2003: Natural Thinking, keynote, sponsored by 2003 Conference on Computer Engineering, Mashhad, Iran.
11. 2003: Biological Thinking, Keynote speech, Symposium on Biomedical Engineering, Azad University.
12. 2002: Control Engineering Education, in a Seminar on Control Engineering: Needs and Ways, sponsored by University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.
13. 2001: Fuzzy Systems and Probabilistic Systems, the Saga Continues, in a seminar on Complexity and Fuzzy Logic, sponsored by Khajeh-Nassiroldin Toosi Technical University, Tehran, Iran.
14. 2001: Genetic Algorithms and Its Applications, sponsored by Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran.
15. 2000: Fuzzy Logic and Soft Computing, in 22nd National Mathematics Competition, sponsored by Khajeh-Nassiroldin Toosi Technical University, Tehran, Iran.
16.1999: Soft Computing and Robotic Applications, sponsored by College of Engineering, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad.

A. kiani-B., M. H. Malek, and M.-R. Akbarzadeh-T., “Sensorless Motor Speed Control Using Kalman Estimators” Patented in Iran’s Patent Office.