No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1 Intelligent and adaptive control of rehabilitation by a graphical game    M.Sc.

Hoda Jabaruti


2 Robust Controller Design for Parabolic Distributed Parameter Systems Based on a Novel Multiobjective Optimization Technique with Application to a Salt Gradient Solar Pond      M.Sc.

Mojtaba Nurani


3 Automatic control structure for salinity Gradient Solar Pond      M.Sc.

Hamed Rafeei


4  Z-valued Restricted Boltzmann Machine      M.Sc.

Amir Samadi


5 Robust model predictive control of lower limb Exoskeleton with input saturation      M.Sc.

Mohamad Tahamipur


6 Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis Utilizing Fuzzy Ontology and Semantic Long Short-Term Memory      M.Sc.

Mohammad Karabi


7 Uncorrelated classifier integration in input and decision joint space      Ph.D.

Rouhollah Ghasempour


8 Cognitive Swarm Nano Intelligence Approach with Biomimicry in Complex Systems  Ph.D

Nasibeh Rady Raz


9 Probabilistic Category-based Collaborative Filtering Recommender System      M.Sc.

Hadi Kalamati


10 Impact of non invasive brain electrical stimulation using the features of EEG signals in internet addicts      M.Sc.

Fateme Asadollahzadeh Shamkhal


11 Motion Cueing Algorithm Based on Fuzzy MPC      M.Sc.

Hasan Saadatmand


12 Simultaneous enhancement of transparency and stability in bilateral interaction of human and minimaly invasive surgery robot by using intelligent impedance controller      Ph.D

Mahdi Souzanchi Kashani


13 Short-term traffic speed prediction using an interval type II fuzzy radial basis function neural network with an extended Kalman filter smoother and fuzzy controller      M.Sc.

Fatemeh Anbari


14 Stable adaptive emotional neurocontrol for uncertain nonlinear multi-agent systems        Ph.D

Fahimeh Baghbani


15 Initialization of GCNN with Unsupervised Data Dependent Pre-training      M.Sc.

Keyvan Nalaee


16 Multi-objective Optimization using Estimation of Distribution Algorithm based on Voronoi and Leader-based Locally Search      M.Sc.

Elham Mohagheghi


17 Extended Fuzzy Classification of Targeted Drug Delivery Systems for Epilepsy Diagnosis      M.Sc.

Arefeh Bahrami


18 Model Predictive Control of 3-PSP Robot Based On Brain Emotional Learning Model      M.Sc.

Hengameh Mirhajian Moghaddam


19 Assessment of Karst Susceptibility over Akhlamad Basin by Utility Theory        Ph.D

Masoud Bashari


20 Modeling and Robust-Adaptive Control of Complex Systems: A Specificity-Based Approach to Hierarchy in Self-Organizing Fuzzy Systems      M.Sc.

Ehsan Adel Rastkhiz


21 Effect of Stigmergy in Brain Emotional Learning Approach for Short-Term Load Forecasting of Mashhad      M.Sc.

Saeedeh Osouli


22 Multi Agent Fuzzy Model-Based Predictive Control of Shared Autonomy Vehicl in Swarm Environment      M.Sc.

Maryam Moazen


23 Evolving Fuzzy Neural Network Predictive Control      M.Sc.

Masoud Negahban


24 Deep Machine Learning Based on Causal Relations for Big Data      M.Sc.

Moein Owhadi Kareshk


25 Adaptive fuzzy granular multi-agent decision making      M.Sc.

Alireza Bemani Naeini


26 Combination of criteria in order to detection people with Parkinson by high accuracy of speech signal analysis      M.Sc.

Hamid Azadi


27 Norm-bounded control design for a class of nonlinear switched impulsive systems with uncertainties      Ph.D

Mohsen Ghalenoei


28 Perception-based Fuzzy Associative Classifier using Type2 Bimodal Extended Fuzzy Logic      Ph.D

Mahnaz Kadkhoda


29 Dynamic swarm learning mechanism for nanoparticles to approximate drug release function using RBF network in Atherosclerosis control      M.Sc.

Alieh Hajizadeh Saffar


30 Bio-inspired Nanonetworks with Local Fuzzy Vision for Targeted Cancer Drug Delivery M.Sc.

Nasibeh Rady Raz


31 A computational model inspired by brain activity in selective attentional state and its application for estimating the depth of anesthesia      Ph.D

Seyed Abed Hosseini


32 A new dynamic fuzzy approach for decision making with distributed sources      M.Sc.

Farnoosh Fatemipour


33 Implementation of Functions by DNA-Based Nanoparticles and Application to Atherosclerosis      M.Sc.

Ameneh Ahani Rodmajani


34 Reinforcement learning reward shaping in vehicle swarm      M.Sc.

Maryam Sadeghloo


35 A Dynamic Growing General Type-2 Fuzzy Neural Controller for a Class of Nonlinear Systems with Experimental Implementation on a 3-PSP Parallel Robot      M.Sc.

Shirin Fartash Tolu